The Last Handshake: Episode 4 Principle 4: Relatable

A story about stories

Stories, the tapestry of our lives.

What makes a story real, relatable and memorable? I believe there are
7 principles in play that comprise a great story.
Please join me as I weave these principles into
The Last Handshake: A story about stories


Episode 4

Principle 4: Relatable
There needs to be something in your stories that people can all relate to. Something they can understand, to help establish a real connection. When done right, the reader will see themselves in your story.

The news I got about Jim was something my family was also going through.

I hadn’t seen Jim in a while and I was starting to wonder why? This was unusual. I was used to seeing Jim at gospel meetings. Then one day, I heard the news from a mutual friend. Jim has CANCER!

All of us know someone, whether a friend or a family member, that has had cancer. Unfortunately, no one is immune to the effects of this disease. Cancer touches all of our lives.

The news about Jim was especially hard for me because my Dad had cancer too. Dad’s cancer had gone into remission but it had come back. Now, there were two men I looked up to who had this horrible disease.

Like my Dad, Jim had been such a strong individual and for him to have cancer really concerned me. I saw the toll it was taking on my Dad.

But there was something else that troubled me. Jim had encouraged me all of these years and I had never told him how much he meant to me.

There was no question of what I needed to do!

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I knew Jim had cancer but I didn’t know how many days, weeks or months he had left. I just knew I had to tell him how much he meant to me before it was too late.

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