The Last Handshake: Episode 3 Principle 3: Empathy

A story about stories

Stories, the tapestry of our lives.

What makes a story real, relatable and memorable? I believe there are
7 principles in play that comprise a great story.
Please join me as I weave these principles into
The Last Handshake: A story about stories


Episode 3

Principle 3: Empathy
Stories without empathy are, just words. Stories need to be crafted in such a way that the reader understands you care.

Jim was that type of person. He was always an encourager to me.

It was an impromptu conversation. I guess all of our conversations were like this because we would just run into each other from time to time. I remember telling Jim, “Dad doesn’t agree with me.” He said, “I know. I’ve been where he is. But he’ll come around.” That’s all he said.

In a few short words, Jim had encouraged me.

It really doesn’t matter what the disagreement was about. That was years ago. My Dad and I had a different opinion. Actually, it was something where there was no wrong answer. It was a matter of preference. Jim had been on the same side of the fence as my Dad but Jim had changed his mind.

Even though my Dad never did give me his blessing on my decision, the fact that Jim, someone my Dad and I mutually respected, actually respected my decision, gave me some peace of mind.

Because Jim was able to relate and be empathetic to me, spoke volumes to the type of person he was. I mentioned the principle of Iron Sharpens Iron from Proverbs, chapter 27, verse 17 in Episode 2, but it bears repeating here.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Jim really knew how to say and do the right thing at the right time in the right way. And in doing so, he made me feel so much better.

This difference of opinion was not the only thing Jim and Dad had in common. Sadly, there was something else. And this Jim couldn’t change.

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I hadn’t seen Jim in a while and I was wondering why? This was unusual. I was used to seeing Jim at gospel meetings. Then one day, I heard the news from a mutual friend. Jim has CANCER!

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