The Last Handshake: Episode 2 Principle 2: Saga

A story about stories

Stories, the tapestry of our lives.

What makes a story real, relatable and memorable? I believe there are
7 principles in play that comprise a great story.
Please join me as I weave these principles into
The Last Handshake: A story about stories


Episode 2

Principle 2: Saga
Saga, a series of incidents. And when pieced together, these incidents can have a profound effect on a person.

Such was the case with me and my friend Jim.

I had known Jim for well over 40 years. I was just a boy when we first met. He and my Dad were close to the same age. We didn’t run into each other very often but that did not diminish the impact he had on my life.

Without fail, when we did see each other, Jim was always encouraging. Yeah, there was the big handshake. However, when you talked to Jim, there was something more.

You had his undivided attention. He looked you in the eye and focused on you. To me, that was bigger than his handshake.

Over the years, I realized there had been a principle in play. A principle that helped to mold me. A principle that I try to use in my life and a principle that I want to pass on to my sons.

The principle is Iron Sharpens Iron. It comes from the book of Proverbs, chapter 27, verse 17.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

I always felt better after I saw Jim. He had a way about him that let me know he cared.

Daily Doable: Do you have a Jim in your life that has a way of making you feel better? Be thankful for them. Better yet, thank them!

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It was an impromptu conversation. I guess all of our conversations were like this because we would just run into each other from time to time. I remember telling Jim, “Dad doesn’t agree with me.” He said, “I know. I’ve been where he is. But he’ll come around.”

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