The Last Handshake: Episode 1 Principle 1: Once Upon a Time

A story about stories

Stories, the tapestry of our lives.

What makes a story real, relatable and memorable? I believe there are
7 principles in play that comprise a great story.
Please join me as I weave these principles into
The Last Handshake: A story about stories


Episode 1

Principle 1: Once upon a time
A phrase that is so simple and yet so powerful. It has the ability to transport your imagination to incredible places, suspend reality and even teach life-transforming lessons.
Four little words. Four little words to introduce you to my dear friend Jim.

Once upon a time, there was a man with a BIG handshake, my friend Jim. When people saw Jim coming, they braced themselves, because they knew what was about to happen.

Whenever Jim would greet you, you knew to be ready because he was going to shake your hand. And when he did, it was like your hand had just been put in a vice.

I have strong hands. As an architectural illustrator, sometimes the drawing pen I was using would literally explode in my hand. My wife tells me my grip is pretty strong, but it’s nothing like Jim’s. He was known for his handshake. Jim’s handshake.

Jim was a high school principal. He was a very personable individual. As Jim shook your hand, he would look you in the eye and say, “Good to see you!”

I find it interesting how people are remembered for some of the most simple things. Something as simple as a handshake. That’s one of my lasting memories of Jim.

But there was a lot more to Jim than just a handshake.

Coming next: Principle 2 Saga
I had known Jim for well over 40 years. I was just a boy when I first met him. He and my Dad were close to the same age. We didn’t see each other often but that did not diminish the impact he had on my life.

Please join me for Episode 2 of The Last Handshake: A story about stories

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