How Uncomfortable Is Your Comfort Zone? The Daily Doable – S1:E11

How uncomfortable is your comfort zone? The Daily Doable — S1:E11

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How uncomfortable is your comfort zone? How uncomfortable is your comfort zone?

Hi, this is Tim Maudlin. I would like to welcome you to another episode of the Daily Doable. That question was suggested to me by a friend. His name is Erich. Erich has done a lot for my family over the past couple of years. And he asked that his friends share that question on social media and tag four of their friends.

He would like to see if the question will go viral. I believe it will because it really makes you think. It made me think about that idea of comfort zones and another story I recently heard that I wanted to share with you today.

Now, truth be told, I am uncomfortable on this side of the lens. I would rather be behind the camera than having people watch me talk. But I decided that if I’m ever going to share a message that I believe is important to the world, then I’m going to have to put myself out there. And that means I’m going to have to lean into my own discomfort and lean into my own fears and just do it.

And that’s what I’m doing today. It also made me think though about why people are hesitant to put themselves out there, why they will stay in their corner or stay in their box rather than do those things that will make them feel alive?

I believe one of the reasons is we don’t like criticism. I’m not talking about constructive criticism. Because I believe we all need to embrace that. That’s the only way we can grow, is if we’re willing to listen to people who have our best interests in mind, who want us to succeed.

But I’m talking about negative criticism. The criticism that’s mean-spirited that’s designed to hurt you. No one enjoys being on the receiving end of that kind of criticism. I know I don’t.

But there was a recent story in the news that helped me with the perspective we should have with regards to negative criticism. The Clemson Football Coach, Dabo Swinney, was recently criticized very unfairly, if you ask my opinion, by another sports commentator.

Now at the time he wasn’t aware of it and when he was in front of reporters they asked him about the comments this sports commentator had made. I’ll put the link to the actual exchange but to sum it up, Coach Swinney took the high road.

Rather than fight back, he praised the commentator for doing his job. And he does it quite well. But there was a way he concluded his remarks that I think can be helpful to all of us. He said this,

One of the best lessons I’ve learned is that you don’t worry about criticism from people you wouldn’t seek advice from.

I don’t know, that puts a smile on my face. Think about it. Why in the world would we worry about criticism from people we don’t want to take advice from? If you have that perspective about criticism, especially negative criticism, I think it will go a long way to helping us put ourselves out there. Because I believe you have something you need to share with the world. I don’t know what that is and I can’t answer it for you, but I believe we all have a gift that we need to be sharing.

And so your Daily Doable is this. Lean into your own discomfort. Lean into your fear. Make your comfort zone uncomfortable. I believe that’s the way that you’ll actually start shining.

In my own life right now, I’m leaning into some uncomfortable things, but I’m finding the rewards are really something that make me happy. And so I want to encourage you to do the same thing.

As always, I want to encourage you to follow me and connect with me. My website is There are other ways you can connect with me through on social media. I’ll put the links to those in the comments below.

But until next time, this is Tim encouraging you to Do What You Can.

Talk to you soon, Bye.

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