The Daily Doable – S1:E4 Do What You Can

Have you ever said something like this? Well, I can’t do what he can do or I can’t do what she can do?
The Daily Doable – S1:E4 Do What You Can

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Hi, this is Tim Maudlin and I would like to welcome you to Episode Four of the Daily Doable. In today’s episode, we’re going to consider the fourth letter in the acronym GOOD that we’ve been looking at regarding the idea of doing good.

I wanted to be on camera today so you can see the message on my sweatshirt. When I was teaching this concept to the kids at camp, this was our camp theme, Doing Good.

And, as I’ve said, we’re using the acronym GOOD. “G” stands for Gratitude. With gratitude in our hearts, we actively seek Opportunities. That’s the letter “O.” Seek opportunities to do good to Others. That’s the second letter “O.” And now the final letter. The letter “D” is for Do What YOU Can.

It’s a true statement. I can’t do what he can do or I can’t do what she can do. But it’s also a true statement that they can’t do what I can do. And to help illustrate that point, I shared a story with the kids. It’s 2,000 years old.

There was a woman who did a good deed and she was criticized sharply for what she did. In fact, some of them said, “you wasted your money, we could’ve given this money to the poor.”

But the person she did the good deed to told them to leave her alone. She has done a good deed. In fact, she has done what she could. And he went further and said, whenever this story is shared, whenever it’s told, what she did, will serve as a memorial to her. That woman was Mary and the person she did the good deed to was Jesus.

You can find that story in the book of Mark chapter 14. I don’t know about you, but it’s so liberating when all I have to consider is what I can do and not worry about what I can’t do and what other people can do. Just consider what I can do.

So here’s your Daily Doable. When you’re trying to do good, with gratitude in your heart, you seek out opportunities to do good to others. Do What YOU Can.

Now before I wrap up, I want to invite you to be a part of our Facebook group, Do What You Can Now and also our website, I’ll put the links to both of those sites in the description for this video.

So until next time, this is Tim, encouraging you to do what you can now.


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