The Daily Doable – S1:E3 Others

Who Do You Do Good To?
The Daily Doable – S1:E3 Walking With Remi – Others

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Hi, this is Tim Maudlin and I would like to welcome you to Episode Three of the Daily Doable. Today’s episode is entitled Others.

And joining me today is my dog Remi. I wanted you to get to see how pretty she is contrasted with the leaves that have fallen on the ground. She’s a gorgeous animal. So we’re going to continue in this episode talking about this idea of doing good. You ready to go Remi? Let’s go. Good girl.

We’ve been using the acronym GOOD and with the letter “G,” the word was Gratitude. If we have gratitude in our hearts, we are going to actively seek Opportunities. Opportunities is our first O word. We’re going to actively seek opportunities to do good.

Now today with the second letter, “O,” we want to think about the idea of doing good to others regardless of whether we know them or not.

Let me illustrate that with a story. A few years ago, my family and I were having dinner at a restaurant and it came time to pay the bill. Our server came up to us and said, “there’s no charge today.” And we said, WHAT? And she said, no, “someone took care of it for you.”

We were floored. I mean, having a complete stranger take care of our dinner bill. That was so cool! But it impressed upon me the idea of doing good to people even if you don’t know them.

The thing is, we never know what our acts of kindness might do for someone, when we don’t worry about whether we know the person or not. That made our day. And so I’ve never forgotten that and I’ve tried to do good to others, people I don’t know, and just let that be it. Whether they knew what I was doing or not, it doesn’t matter. Just actively do good to others.

So your Daily Doable today is to seek out those opportunities to do good to others regardless whether you know that person or not. And it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. It could be something really simple.

Before we leave, Remi and I wanted to remind you, we have a Facebook group. Do What You Can Now. We also have a website. I’ll put the links to both of those sites in the description for this video. We would love to have you. Feel free to join and we’ll talk soon in those communities. So until next time, this is Tim and Remi encouraging you to do what you can now. See you soon.

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