The Daily Doable – S1:E2 Opportunities

Do you actively seek opportunities to do good?
The Daily Doable – S1:E2 Walking With Ratchet – Opportunities

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Hi, this is Tim Maudlin and I’d like to welcome you to Episode Two of The Daily Doable. This episode is entitled Walking With Ratchet. It seems I got myself in a lot of hot water because Ratchet wasn’t in the first episode. That was Remi. And so today is Ratchet’s turn.

In the previous episode, we talked about the concept of gratitude and how it applies to doing good. I shared with you the story of teaching the boys and girls teen class at camp and how I gave them an acronym, the word good, so they could understand the concept of doing good.

For the letter “G,” we used the word gratitude. You can check out that video to see what all we had to say about that idea. Today though, we want to build upon that acronym with the word opportunity for the letter “O.” Actively seeking opportunities to doing good.

Let me share another story to help understand that idea. We’ve been going to this camp for 14 years. In fact, the first time we went, my youngest son was just a baby. And I can still remember sitting down at the table in the dining hall. My family and I. We didn’t know a lot of people there but there was one lady that came up to us and asked if she could sit down and join us. Her name was Paula.

I’ll never forget how that simple act broke the ice and made us feel so welcome in the camp, so welcome in this group. And as I said, we’ve been back. We haven’t missed a year in 14 years. We were so grateful for what she did. We’ve tried to pay it forward to other campers.

My wife mentioned to me at this most recent camp that she made an effort at a lot of the meals to seek out those first year campers to do the same thing that Paula had done for us. Those opportunities to make them feel welcome.

So here’s your Daily Doable. It’s pretty simple. Seek out opportunities to do good. It doesn’t have to be something elaborate. It could be something really simple, but trust me, those simple things really mean a lot. They’re a big deal, especially like in our case where we were new to this group and that simple act really made us feel welcome.

Before we leave, Ratchet wanted me to remind you that we have a Facebook group. Do What You Can Now. We also have a website. I’ll put the links to both those groups in the description for this video. Feel free to join the Facebook group or opt in to the email community. We’d love to have you.

So Ratchet, you did pretty good. I think you’re going to be able to come back. So until next time, this is Tim encouraging you to do what you can now. See you soon. Bye.

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