The Daily Doable – S1:E1 Gratitude

What are you grateful for? Think about that question.
The Daily Doable – S1:E1 Walking With Remi – Gratitude

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Hi, this is Tim Maudlin. You’re looking at my dog Remi and we would like to welcome you to the very first episode of walking with Remi. She’s the star of the show. I’m just a camera guy. Hopefully I can walk and talk at the same time.

What we would like to do on these walks is to share with you a Daily Doable, something that you can do in your life. Something simple that will make your life better. Today we want to talk about the idea of gratitude.

Let me set this up with a story. I had the privilege to teach the boys and girls teenage class at a camp my family attends. The topic we covered was doing good. The way I wanted to teach this class was to take the word GOOD and turn it into an acronym and then give them four points they could remember to do good.

Today I want to look at the first one. The letter G. It stands for gratitude. If we’re going to be able to do good, we need to have gratitude in our hearts. Just think about it. If we don’t have gratitude in our hearts, we’re going to be depressed. We’re going to solve, we won’t be looking for opportunities to be of use to other people.

Having gratitude in or in our hearts is going to allow us to be appreciative of those things that we’ve been given, the gifts that we’ve been given, and then we’ll use those gifts and those, those assets that we have to help others and to do good.

So today I wanted to tell you what I’m grateful for. I am grateful that the temperatures have fallen. Finally, it’s fall! It’s been so hot that I couldn’t wear my sweatshirts and today I can wear my hoodie and I can be out here walking with Remi. It’s just really pleasant.

The other thing I’m grateful for today, if you listen, you can hear the leaves crunching under our feet. I always love that sound because to me that means fall is here. Fall is my favorite season. And then my final thing I’m grateful for today is walking with Remi. See how calm she is? She’s doing a great job.

Daily Doable: So what are you grateful for? Post your comments below.

I would also like to invite you to be part of my Facebook Group. It’s Do What You Can Now. Just ask to join and I’ll approve you.

So I think we made it on our first one. Remi, you did good. So until next time, this is Tim and Remi, encouraging you to Do What You Can Now!

Talk to you soon. Bye.

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