Brokenness: Playing With Your Pain?

“Laughter is the BEST medicine!”

I don’t know who first coined that phrase but I do know how good it feels to laugh.

Is it possible for a little laughter and a little silliness to help heal brokenness? I believe so.

A few years ago, my Dad was scheduled for brain surgery. His cancer had returned. Instead of wringing our hands with worry in the waiting room, my siblings and I bought a deck of cards at the gift shop and played euchre. We played so many hands that we actually wore the deck out.

Did we laugh? Yes!

Did we get a little silly? Yes! Let’s just say Mom told us we needed to calm down.

Did it help reduce the stress? Yes! And when we told Dad, he laughed too.

I offer the following picture quote and Daily Doable with the hope that it will present to you a different perspective for dealing with brokenness.

Daily Doable: Sometimes to rebound from brokenness, it’s good to laugh. In how many ways can you take your pain and play with it?

It’s true, “Laughter is the BEST medicine!”

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