Templates Do – #28 Homework

Can I send you something? Please read on for the details.

He couldn’t believe it!

My son Andrew’s assignment was to write a paper for his High School English class. This was his second paper. The grade for the first paper disappointed him. It was a 75.

His overall grade in the class was still an A- but he knew that wouldn’t last long if his papers trended in the C direction.

I knew he was frustrated so I had him show me the instructions.

Basically he had to tell a challenge he had gone through and describe what he did to overcome the challenge.

He had gotten as far as identifying the challenge and the things he had done but that was it.

So I told him, ask yourself WHY each of those things were important? Then write BECAUSE (blank). I said if you do this, your paper will write itself. He got a smile on his face.

His grade went from 75 to 98!

Q. How about you? Are you a BELIEVER?

Can I send you something?
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