Templates are Time Savers

“Why Do I Love Templates? Let me count the ways.”

I love templates because they are Time Savers.

Imagine this. How successful would a runner be if the rules allowed one of them to begin the race somewhere in the middle of the course, several steps ahead of the competition?

Win the race? Probably!
Faster personal time? Definitely!

Of course that’s not going to happen. But imagine writing content in less time than it usually takes.

Possible? Yes!
It is possible to begin the writing process steps ahead of the typical starting point and finish the task faster when using templates.

Templates provide the first steps to begin the writing process. With those first steps in place, you can step in and complete the content faster.

As an example, this post starts with a Quote, followed by a Story, and ends with a Question.

Pick a Quote. Tell a Story. Ask a Question. With that structure in place, I provided the details and voilà, it’s finished.

Well almost, I still need to ask the question.

Q: What would it mean to you to start creating content with the first steps in place?

An unfair advantage?

No, it’s called working smarter.

Step into templates. Save time. Work smarter.

Can I send you something? I’m Author, Storyteller, Graphic Designer and Template Creator, Tim Maudlin. I would love to connect with you.

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