Double Charley Horses = Double Trouble?

Have you ever had a charley horse in your leg? You’re probably thinking who hasn’t! Okay, how about a charley horse in both legs at the same time? Or how about a charley horse in both legs at the same time while riding a bicycle?

Let me tell you it’s not fun and it’s not safe. Fortunately when it happened to me, I was able to stop without crashing.

It was a really HOT Saturday in June. My wife, brother and I were participating in a bicycle tour. There were rest stops along the course with snacks, shade and most importantly water. We were really looking forward to the next rest stop so we could refill our empty water bottles.

Guess what? There was no water! They were out! To top it off, the person in charge of the rest stop was more interested in working on her SUNTAN than working to fill up the water containers! She was totally indifferent to our predicament.

We left without any water. A few miles later, I got charley horses in both legs. I was dehydrated. My legs locked up, I couldn’t pedal and ALMOST fell off of my bicycle. I still can’t believe I didn’t wreck.
Lesson: A simple cup of water would have made a BIG difference to me and would have prevented a very unpleasant experience.



Have you ever had an emotional charley horse? Where everything inside you tightens up? You hurt. You can’t move. You’ve lost count how many times you’ve fought this battle. You think Not Again! But here it is, rearing its ugly head.

You’re persistent. You’re relentless. You’re also EXHAUSTED!!! What might cause this? Have you ever pulled a friend out of life’s proverbial fires? The constant drama can be Exhausting, Grueling, Hot and Messy. And oftentimes the people we are trying to rescue are indifferent to how their drama affects us.

Will this be the last time? Probably not! The word quit is not in your vocabulary. The stakes are too high. Perhaps this quote describes you.

A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success. ~ Elbert Hubbard

How can you muster up a little more persistence? A little more effort and turn what seems like hopeless failure into a glorious success? Maybe a cup of water from a friend would help?

If you’re pulling others out of the fire, may I offer you a cup of water? Not a literal cup of water. But rather a cup of encouragement.

You can do this. While your efforts might not be appreciated by the ones you’re trying to help, they haven’t gone unnoticed! I appreciate you. I draw strength from your determination.

Take a break. Catch your breath. Tomorrow is a new day. You’ve got this. More importantly, God’s got you. And if you need a cup of water, I’ve got one waiting for you.

This Inspire Point was inspired by a conversation I recently had a with a friend. This friend was EXHAUSTED. I offer this cup of encouragement to inspire my friend and inspire you.

Need a cup of water? Anytime!

P.S. If you’re going through something difficult or a challenge that’s weighing on your heart, reach out to me in the comments below and I will anonymously create an inspire point for you like I did for my friend. Think of it as a cup of water from me to you.