A “Doable” Journaling Case Study

For the past two posts, we’ve heard about journaling from a doctor’s point of view. In this post,  I want to share a personal case study from someone whose life was changed by journaling. Her name is Obianuju Ndaguba. Here’s how she begins.

I am no expert on psychology, neither will I categorize myself as an overachiever (at least not yet), but here is information for someone who for a while has been unsatisfied with his/her life and for another who has been thinking of how to live deliberately.

I LOVE case studies. It makes whatever topic I’m studying seem more doable. Ms. Ndaguba cites several things she accomplished AFTER she began journaling. But she also keeps it “REAL.”

You may ask, so did I accomplish everything I wrote down in the past? Well, no. But I can tell you that I understand what it means to be on the “driver’s seat of your life.” 

Would you like to be on the “driver’s seat of your life?” Then check out Obianuju Ndaguba’s story. I know it will INSPIRE you.

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