A Great Primer on Journaling

Michael Hyatt and his daughter Megan host one of my favorite podcasts, Lead to Win. In this episode, Beginner’s Guide to Journaling, they cover the basics for anyone wanting to begin this practice.

If you LOVE templates like I do, I think you’ll enjoy Michael’s 8-Question Template he has been using for almost 6 years.

Main Points Covered in This Podcast

Discover the simple pathway that anyone can follow to begin journaling
Learn about renowned leaders who practiced daily writing
Find a compelling “why” for your own writing habit
Gain a simple template you can use to practice greater self-awareness in less than 20 minutes a day
Create an activation trigger that will ensure you remember to journal each day

If you want to learn more about journaling, this episode is a GREAT primer. But if you prefer reading to listening, there’s a Transcript available too.

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