How To: 6 Ways To Think Profitably?

(And I’m not thinking about a money mindset.)

I’m talking about a mindset developed by thinking on 6 specific things found in the book of Philippians chapter 4 verse 8. A mindset I’m calling the 4:8 Thinker.

A 4:8 Thinker thinks about…

  • Things that are TRUE
  • Things that are HONORABLE
  • Things that are JUST
  • Things that are PURE
  • Things that are LOVELY… and
  • Things that are COMMENDABLE

I believe these are 6 things that are profitable to think about.

Someone recently told me they had never associated the word profitably with the 6 words in Philippians 4:8. Perhaps you haven’t either. Let me explain.

If you are thinking about these 6 things, does it stand to reason that you will be developing a character that will make you a person people can trust, a person that is dependable, a person of integrity? Those are things money can’t buy.

But you know what? Those are also things that will make people want to hire you and do business with you. So, not only will you have a good reputation if you think on these things, it is quite possible you will find compensation too.

Daily Doable: I’m challenging my boys to become 4:8 Thinkers. If this sounds appealing to you, I would like to GIFT you a special tool I’ve created to aid in this process called the MIND WARS 4:8 Thinker Journal.

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