Daily Devotionals Day – 29: Want To Reinforce The 4:8 Thinker Principle?

How would you like a FUN way to reinforce the 4:8 Thinker Principle?

Welcome to Day 29 of my 30 Daily Devotional Challenge.

I’m always looking for fun and creative ways to reinforce the principles I’m teaching my boys. Below is the cover to my Amazon #1 Best Seller Kindle Book. They love this image. My hope is to make principles like this more memorable by contemporizing these concepts.

I have a higher resolution poster of this image FREE for you to download.

I hope you’ll find it useful in teaching this principle to your children too.

I’ll conclude this article with 3 Daily Doables for you.

Daily Doable #1: Get your very own 4:8 Thinker Poster HERE.

Daily Doable #2: Get your 4:8 Thinker Journal HERE.

Daily Doable #3: Get your copy of MIND WARS THE 4:8 THINKER HERE.


Thank you for being here. Please join me in my next article as I share my favorite way to reinforce and teach devotionals to my boys.

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