Daily Devotionals Day – 28: Think In Ways That Serve You Well

How would you like a free tool to track and capture your thoughts so that you can control what you allow into your head? Read on to find out more.

Welcome to Day 28 of my 30 Daily Devotional Challenge.

As a companion piece to my MIND WARS: THE 4:8 THINKER e-book, I have created a special journal to help you think in ways that serve you well. Dads, this was designed from one Dad to another as we raise our children to be responsible adults. However, these 6 traits can be and should be adopted by anyone desiring to think more profitably.

• This is your journal to personalize, make it your own.

• There are 6 specific traits for you to think about.

• These 6 traits will show you how to think profitably, in ways that serve you well, even if you have struggled to do so in the past.

• They are designed to encourage thought and meditation.

Daily Doable: Grab your copy of the 4:8 Journal HERE.


Thank you for being here. Please join me over the next few articles as I share additional ways I am teaching this principle to my boys. Some of these are really going to be FUN.

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