Daily Devotionals Day – 18: One Slice Of A Time-Tested Principle

And how this principle can be used to comfort others.

Welcome to Day 18 of my 30 Daily Devotional Challenge

The graphic above implies HEAT and FORCE and NOISE. Imagine a blacksmith fashioning a hot piece of metal – hammering and turning, hammering and turning until the desired shape is achieved.

Is it LITERALLY the action of iron sharpening iron i.e. the heat, the force the hammering etc. that is the essence of this metaphor or is it something else?

I believe this principle is saying that Iron affects Iron AND Friends affect Friends. To illustrate this, I want to juxtapose the header graphic with the quote graphic below.


This quote epitomizes ONE slice of the principle of Iron Sharpens Iron in action.

The smallest acts of tender kindness can affect another person and affect them in very positive, special ways.

In this VIDEO, I mentioned some of the kind gestures that were done following my father’s passing and the affect they had on me.

Daily Doable: Reflect on this principle and understand the power you possess to comfort your friends.

Next time I’ll dig deeper into the BENEFITS of Iron Sharpening Iron.

Thanks for joining me in this challenge. I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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