Daily Devotionals Day – 6: Little Things – Little Ideas For Your Devotions

Don’t overlook the simple things for your devotions.

Welcome to Day 6 of my 30 Daily Devotional Challenge.

On Days 6 and 7, I want to offer some ideas for devotionals. Today’s idea comes from a BOOK I’ve mentioned before. I want to recommend it again with a slightly different take as it applies to devotionals for your kids.
The book is The Little Things by Andy Andrews.

=> There’s a quote I love that is relevant to engaging devotionals our children will love to hear. “Facts Tell, Stories Sell”

=> Andy Andrews is an amazing storyteller. In The Little Things, Mr. Andrews illustrates the concepts of Little Things by weaving stories from history into life lessons we all can apply in our lives.

=> Daily Doable 1: Ask yourself how can I weave stories into my devotionals?

=> Daily Doable 2: Check out The Little Things.

=> Click the LOOK INSIDE icon for the Table of Contents and a Sample Chapter.

=> Find out how a Little Thing like a few nails,
changed the course of history. That’s one of the
many engaging stories you’ll read.


I’ll see you tomorrow with another devotional idea.
Thanks for joining me in this challenge. I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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