Daily Devotionals Day – 1: An Unlikely Place

Welcome to Day 1 of my 30 Daily Devotional Challenge.
This one will be short and sweet with a SIMPLE EXAMPLE of an unlikely place to have a devotional.

Yesterday was Halloween and like I have for several years, I took my boys Trick-or-Treating. My oldest son, Jonathan isn’t into anymore:( so he hung out with some friends while Andrew, my youngest and I walked the loop around town. We were also accompanied by one of our puppies, Howie. He got a lot of attention, a lot of pettings and a lot of AWWW’s. Poor guy has it rough.

  • Besides ALL of the candy and the “I LOVE your costume,” the ONE THING I always look forward to on Halloween is just walking and talking with my boy(s).
  • What did we talk about? Well, that’s the topic for tomorrow:)
  • TAKEAWAY: A devotional or DEVO, as my boys like to call them, can be done anywhere at anytime. Look for those opportunities to do things like just walking and talking.

Andrew and I (and Howie) made some great memories last night. I’ll always look at this picture below and remember the fun time we had just walking and talking.

Thanks for joining me in this challenge. I hope this has given you some ideas of places and times you can have devos too.

See you tomorrow. Thanks for being in my community.

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