A Simple Way To Honor My Dad

Following the passing of my Dad, our friends supported us with so many acts of kindness. And still, they wanted to do more!

In this video, I share the story of an idea my family came up with that Dad would have approved of. It’s something simple that will help a lot of people.


Below is a lightly edited transcript.

On behalf of our family, I wanted to record a video to express our gratitude for all of the acts of kindness that had been shown to us.

Since Dad’s passing, we have been amazed by the phone calls, the emails, the texts, the visits, and all of the food that we’ve been given.

We really appreciate what you’ve done for us and we’re amazed because you continue to ask us what you can do.

And we thought about that because we’ve been in your position and wanted to help others as well. We’ve given it a lot of thought and we wanted to do something that Dad would approve of.

The last thing he would want is for there to be a fuss made about him. And so there will not be a fuss made about him. But there is something that he would approve of that is very simple that I think each of us can do.

As many of you know, Dad was a member of the Lion’s Club and loved being in that organization. Primarily because they were all about helping those less fortunate.

One of the things that Dad loved writing checks for was for people who needed eye exams, prescription glasses or the leader dog program for those who needed assistance.

He loved being a part of that program. And so here’s our idea. One of the things the Lion’s Club does is recycle old eyeglasses.

You know those eyeglasses that once you get a new pair, you throw the old ones in a drawer like this.

We’ve asked the funeral home and they said it will be fine. We’re going to set a box out. And if you would like to do this, bring your old pair of eyeglasses to the funeral home during the visitation or before the funeral and simply put them in the box.

We’ll make sure they get to a Lion’s Club recycling center. They will be cleaned and sorted by prescription strength. There they will be packaged.

The cool thing is they’re going to go to someone who needs them.

So during this difficult time, and this sad occasion for us, I can’t think of a better way to honor Dad than to do something for someone else.

I know he would be thrilled about this. If this is something that you can do, great.

We appreciate everything that’s been done for us. It’s just been amazing for all the love and support we’ve been shown.

I’ll post the link with the details about the visitation and funeral below, as well as a link to the Lion’s Club international website so you can read more about this program.

Perhaps you’re in another area and you can’t come to the funeral home. That’s fine. Maybe you’d like to do this anyway. There are other ways that you can participate in something like this. But to honor Dad we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to do something for someone else.

On behalf of the family, I just want to thank you again for everything you’ve done. Bye.

Daily Doable: If you have some old eyeglasses, would you please consider donating them to help others less fortunate. Here is the link to Lions Club International and its Eyeglass Recycling Program.

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