Ask Tim: What is the Most Efficient and Powerful Way to Get One’s Message Out to the World?

In response to a survey to my community, I received the following question.

“What is the most efficient and powerful way to get one’s message out to the world?”

~Melva J.

Great question Melva!

I’ve been thinking about the different ways to share a message; emails, blog posts, webinars, Facebook, Twitter, books, face-to-face etc. The list goes on and on. I realized these examples are important but they are really just PLATFORMS to share a message on.

I believe there is something more BASIC, more EFFICIENT and more POWERFUL that can be used effectively on any of these platforms I’ve mentioned.

I believe your message is best delivered through STORIES.

I don’t know who said this first but I love this quote, “FACTS TELL, STORIES SELL.”

Think about it. You may not have a product per se to sell but that doesn’t mean you aren’t selling something. Quite to the contrary. You are selling your message.

=> If you want to impact other people’s lives, you need to sell.

=> If you want to teach others, you need to sell.

=> If you want to get your message out to the world, you need to sell.

Your message told with a STORY or STORIES will become more:


Don’t take my word for it. Think about this. What did the Carpenter from Nazareth use to teach? He used stories.

  • Stories His audience could RELATE to
  • Stories that were PRACTICAL
  • Stories that were INSTRUCTIONAL
  • Stories that were INSPIRATIONAL
  • Stories that were MEMORABLE

For example, where did the concept of the GOOD SAMARITAN come from? From a story Jesus told almost 2,000 YEARS AGO! A story, told in answer to a question, “who is my neighbor?” This story continues to TEACH and INSPIRE people today and I didn’t even have to tell the entire story to make my point. That’s how powerful stories are!

I’ll have more to say about stories in future posts.

Thanks again Melva for a very thought provoking question.

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