Inspire Points: “2 Words That Give Me Hope”

From time to time, I want to share something with you I’m calling Inspire Points.

Inspire Points could be a saying, a quote, a verse or a video. They are designed to help you think in ways that serve you well AND inspire you to do what you can.

I’m joined in this video by The Amazing Remi: Dog Ventriloquist. She did a great job leading me through the story:)

Click the video below to see this Daily Watchable: “2 Words That Give Me Hope”

BTW, this will take a little over 4 minutes of your time. I know you would like to look at Remi longer but this will have to do for now:)

[Please post your takeaways in the comments below.]

P.S. I’ll add a couple of links in the comments about the Civil Air Patrol.