MIND WARS The 4:8 Thinker: 6 Time-Tested Strategies To Help You Think In Ways That serve You Well


Think about that question. Do you REALLY consider the things you think about?

Wouldn’t be wonderful if all of our thoughts were focused on good things? Wouldn’t be wonderful if every person only thought about good and positive things? Wouldn’t be wonderful if there was no deception, no hatred and no murder in the world? Just look at our society, our culture and our world. With the immediacy of communication today, we have a 24/7, minute-by-minute reminder of just how ugly, evil and corrupt people can be.

Why is there so much bad stuff in the world? I believe in part it’s because people aren’t thinking about the right things. If we’re not careful, our minds can quickly be filled with things that can have a negative effect on us. The 24/7 news cycle is just one example. Like it or not and admit it or not, I believe we are at WAR! I know war is a strong word but when you look at our culture, there is a constant struggle between good and evil.

THE PROBLEM is most people don’t realize it. If they do, some try to fight it, some put their heads in the sand hoping it will go away and some just don’t care.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have HAPPINESS, CONTENTMENT and PEACE OF MIND in your life, regardless of the “stuff” going on around you. It’s possible and you can start right now! In this book, I will share with you 6 time-tested strategies to help you think in ways that serve you well.

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